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X-Tenso? MoisturistTM uses new technology for increased conditioning and smoothing. Not only does it contain softening waxes, but it also works with the new intelligent NUTRICATIONIC TECHNOLOGY. X-Tenso? MoisturistTM boosts the hair’s condition and allows active treatment ingredients to be delivered to where they are most needed on the hair.
관련이미지 [Have beautiful silky, shiny, straight hair today.]
Japanese silk straight hair treatment is known by many different names, from Yuko, to thermal reconditioning to rebonding. The treatment is supposed to make hair as straight and smooth as silk. Although it takes a very long time in the salon, many women love the outcome and are willing to pay the price for this bit of beauty.
관련이미지 [Japanese Permanent hair straightening]
Frizzy, undisciplined, difficult to style, afro, permed or curly hair can be a hassle, and many women are resorting to permanent straightening to make their lives easier or so they don't have to get the straighteners out every day. Here's our guide to permanent hair straightening.
관련이미지 [The new digital wave setting perm!]
A high-tech digital perm deliver the soft curls it promises with Japanese perming solution YUKO G Cream. A new type of perming technology called setting perm is about to launch here.
관련이미지 [Magic Straightening Setting Perm]
We have created a smooth, sleek style ( by Volume magic setting perm ) for customers who are struggling and tired with tough hair. This solution gives you hairstyle shining under the sun and natural and feminine style.
관련이미지 [Volume Straightening for the people who tired of just straightening]
This is called Volume Straightening, Volume straightening makes C curl from middle to bottom of hair and hair is straight but near the ends it's not pin-straight so it looks more natural. If you are tired flat straightening so far, volume straightening could be the solution for you.
관련이미지 [Volume Body Perm - the suggestion for curly hair!]
This is called Volume Boby Perm in Korea, Volume Boby Perm is volume straightening and perm is mixed perm actually. Volume straightening just make C curl but volume body perm can make more stong and natural wave S curl. If you are tired straightening so far, volume body perm could be the solution for you.
관련이미지 [Gorgeous look lovely perm!]
It is gougeus look lovely perm style. It might seems a bit heavy overall but we minimize heavy looking with side layered cut. Also to maximize the volume of the curl we gave some layer to be looked naturally.
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