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08/04/2013 (Mon) 12:27

X-Tenso? MoisturistTM uses new technology for increased conditioning and smoothing. Not only does it contain softening waxes, but it also works with the new intelligent NUTRICATIONIC TECHNOLOGY. X-Tenso? MoisturistTM boosts the hair’s condition and allows active treatment ingredients to be delivered to where they are most needed on the hair.

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X-tenso Moisturist features a hybrid technology called Nutri-Cationic technology for intensive care & conditioning during straightening. This works by specifically targeting the weakened areas of the hair. Also emollients and softening agents boost the hair's condition and shine. This is how X-tenso Moisturist delivers the ultimate performance on both thedegree of straightness and hair condition. 

The rebonding/straightening process does not end at the salon. Proper maintenance of straightened hair needs an effective homecare regimen. It keeps your hair looking beautifully straight and shiny long after the straightening is done!

This picture is showing before and after X-tenso Moisturist Straightening.

Step. 1 Hair condition test

Step. 2 Applying YUKO Nano Keep Pre-Treatment.

Step. 3 Applying X-tenso Moisturist Straightening Cream

Step. 4 Rinse off all cream and Applying YUKO Nano Through for protect hair from Iron

Step. 5 Ironing

Step. 6 Applying Neutralizer

Step. 7 Rinse off Neutralizer, Blow Dry and Styling

LOREAL X-tenso Straightening
Processing Hours: about 3 hours
Price Range: LOREAL X-tenso for Long Hair ($300)
Hair designer: UB

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