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16/03/2013 (Sat) 14:51
[Japanese Permanent hair straightening]

Frizzy, undisciplined, difficult to style, afro, permed or curly hair can be a hassle, and many women are resorting to permanent straightening to make their lives easier or so they don't have to get the straighteners out every day. Here's our guide to permanent hair straightening.

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How it works
In fact, they work on breaking and rearranging the internal bonds of hair so that when the process is complete, your hair is permanently straightened out. A chemical by the name of thioglycolate is usually used for this thermal process; it will break the cystine proteins which are present in the cortex layer of the hair shaft. Once those are broken down, hair can be any desired shape.

Hair condition check. Customer has very thin and coloured hair so we suggested Yuko (Japanese Straightening)

Applying YUKO straightening cream and restructuring hair condition test.

The image is showing hair condition after rinse off the creams.

Ironing process

Neutralize hair for keeping hair straight.

Rinse off all creams and blow dry.

The below image is showing before and after. (P.S. We can see some frizzy ends a little bit because of the previous highlighted hair. If you have a plan to do permanent hair straightening, then we recommend you to do hair colour or highlight after hair straightening.)


Processing Hours: about 3 1/2 hours
Price: YUKO Straightening $280
Hair designer: JENNY
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