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24/11/2012 (Sat) 17:04
[YUKO (Japanese) Straighening - One of the best straightening solution]

Many women spend as long as an hour each morning blow-drying their hair straight. Japanese Hair Straightening can transform even the most unruly, curly, and coarse hair into perfectly straight, silky, smooth, frizz free hair.

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Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese silk straight hair treatment uses chemicals to get rid of all curls, kinks, flyaways, and wave in a woman's hair. The process can take three to five hours. We begin by washing your hair and giving it a full dry, adding a conditioner to your hair during this time. 

Then the stylist places your hair into sections and applies a chemical solution throughout your scalp. The chemical solution is a relaxer that breaks down the bonds in your hair. The stylist will test your hair after a period of time to see if it has worked. If it has, your hair will be rinsed and flat irons applied to straighten your hair. While they iron your hair, they will apply a lot of tension to make sure it comes out straight.

After the irons are used, they add another chemical into your hair, let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then it is rinsed out once more. The chemical neutralizer re-bonds your hair after it was broken down and makes your hair stronger and resilient. After the rinsing, the irons come out one more time and this final drying should lock the chemicals into place.

After several hours at the salon, you cannot wash or style your hair for 24 hours or longer to ensure your hair keeps its straight form. The Japanese silk straight hair treatment  can cost you between $200 - $350. 

This is not recommended for damaged or heavily treated hair. Also, if you have delicate African hair or if your hair is thinning or falling out, a stylist will not use this treatment. Be aware that this treatment can last for six months or longer and your hair will grow back normally, so you may have curls growing back before the six months are up. You have to protect your hair from the sun by using ultra-violet protection hair spray or hair products and wait one to two months before coloring your hair.

The following images are showing the steps how we do Japanese Hair Straightening.

Hair condition check. Customer has very thin and coloured hair so we suggested Yuko (Japanese Straightening)

Applying hair straightening cream.

Ironing process after rinse straightening cream.

Neutralize hair for keeping hair straight.

Rinse off all creams and blow dry.

Yuko web site links: http://www.yukobeauty.com , http://www.yuko-usa.com

Processing Hours: about 3 1/2 hours
Price Range: YUKO Straightening ($200~$250)
Hair designer: JENNY
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