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30/10/2012 (Tue) 16:01
[New technique of creating a shiny and bouncy wave to your hair.]

The biggest difference between other perms techniques and the digital setting perm is the shape and texture of the wave created.

attached image
Digital setting perms also thermally recondition the hair which is a similar process to a straightening perm. Your hair will often feel softer, smoother and shinier after YUKO digital setting perm. Please check the above before and after image.

The following images are showing how we create glamorous curls.

We gave her hair cut first before we start perming.

We found out some damage on the hair so we did hair treatment first.

Now we applying YUKO Cream on the hair.

The thermal recondition check. This step is very important because if this checking is wrong then every steps goes wrong.

The digital setting perm uses temperature controlled rods that are all powered by a machine with a digital display.

Before apply neutralizer cooling down the rods and hair.

Applying neutralizer, it keeps your curl permanently. 

This picture is showing curl after shampooing hair. Only thing you need to do is Blow dry and use your fingers to twist the curls as it dries.

Styling is very easy and if you set your curls in the morning, your style will maintain all day and give you loose waves look. You can also revive your curls during the day simply by twisting them with your fingers.

Yuko web site links: http://www.yukobeauty.com , http://www.yuko-usa.com

Processing Hours: about 4 1/2 hours
Price Range: Hair Colour for regrowth ($70)
                   YUKO Digital Setting Perm ($230~$250)
Hair designer: JENNY

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