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23/10/2012 (Tue) 17:50
[Maximum Volumizing Hair Straightening is HERE!!]

This procedure uses the powers of thermal straightening to restructure the hair and flatten the cuticle, leaving your once curly and frizz-ball hair to become ridiculously straight with volume and easy to work with.

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We are using Special Hair Tools to give Maximum Volume on the hair root. If you are tired already to Flat Straightening, it is time to ask Volume Straightening to our hair dresser...

The followings are the how we process... It might gives you about Volume Straightening..

Applying hair straightening cream

This tool gives you more volume on the root of hair.

Rinse off straightening cream.

Use brush and dryer to give more volume on the top.

Use hair straightener through the hair and bend bottom of the hair.

This picture is showing just after ironing procedure finished. A lot of experience is required for hairdresser to make curl like on the picture.

Neutralize hair for keeping hair straight.

Rinse off all creams and blow dry.

Volume Straightening
Processing Hours: about 3 hours
Price Range: Normal Volume Straightening ($160~$180)
                   Special Japanese Straightening ($210~$230)
Hair designer: LISA
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