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list image [ X-Tenso? MoisturistTM uses new technology ]
X-Tenso? MoisturistTM uses new technology for increased conditioning and smoothing. Not only does it contain softening waxes, but it also works with the new intelligent NUTRICATIONIC TECHNOLOGY. X-Ten...
list image [ Volume Body Perm - the suggestion for curly hair! ]
Do you have curly hair? Are you tired your hairdresser keep asking just straightening? Here is the answer the volume body perm which is volume straightening with digital perm. It will help you to es...
list image [ YUKO G Cream Volume Straightening ]
The protein-based professional Yuko System uses a specially-designed, patented heat iron set at over 300 degrees to seal in moisture once the cystine bone in the hair is cut off, allowing hair to be m...
list image [ Volume Straightening for the people who tired of just straightening ]
This is called Volume Straightening, Volume straightening makes C curl from middle to bottom of hair and hair is straight but near the ends it's not pin-straight so it looks more natural. If you are...
list image [ Volume Body Perm - the suggestion for curly hair! ]
This is called Volume Boby Perm in Korea, Volume Boby Perm is volume straightening and perm is mixed perm actually. Volume straightening just make C curl but volume body perm can make more stong and ...
list image [ Gorgeous look lovely perm! ]
It is gougeus look lovely perm style. It might seems a bit heavy overall but we minimize heavy looking with side layered cut. Also to maximize the volume of the curl we gave some layer to be looked na...
list image [ This is a style of feminine ]
This is a style of feminine and we recommend if you would like to mature a little style-conscious Semi gloss. Soft curl over around the face help you to make small face. Most of all, long hairstyles l...
list image [ Perm changes girl who wanna be lady now. ]
This kind of hairstyle brings in the high-class and extremely cute feel for the girls. However, such haircut may require a lot of effort and maintenance in order to look ideal. This medium hairstyle i...
list image [ Bright highlight make your face a bit lighter ]
Highlight colour overall to be look solid on hair and skin tones look gorgeously after put level 11 tone for the base colour.
list image [ Natural look digital perm ]
We did digital perm for the curl to be looked natural. You could simply make natural gougeus curl by just blow dry. We also straighten the fringe hair to be looked tidy and young.
list image [ YUKO G Cream Straighening - One of the best straightening solution ]
Guaranteed Softer, Shinier, Smoother Texture marks the difference in YUKO’s quality YUKO’s patented system continues to be the brand of excellence not only in hair straightening but also in the fini...
list image [ YUKO G Cream Straighening - Customers Before & After ]
Yuko Hair Straightening, also known as Japanese hair straightening, is the world renowned U.S. patented method recognized as the leading brand of chemical hair straightening that gives you low mainten...
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